Bakkmyndavél TS-TFT4.35

5″ skjár með bakkmyndavél og 8m kapal


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5″ skjár með bakkmyndavél og 8m kapal

SKU TS-TFT4.35 Categories ,

Experience ultimate convenience and increased safety while driving with this advanced backup camera kit. Equipped with a 5″ screen and an extremely light-sensitive camera, this kit gives you a clear and sharp picture of what is happening behind your vehicle, even in adverse lighting conditions.

The 5″ display is designed to deliver a clear view of the live image from the rearview camera. With the perfect screen size, you get a pleasant experience that is not too dominant but still gives you the necessary information to manoeuvre safely and accurately.

The camera in this set is something special. Its impressive light sensitivity gives you exceptional performance even at night or in dimly lit areas. This means you always have a clear picture of what’s behind you, regardless of the ambient lighting conditions.

To ensure that the camera can be conveniently mounted on the back of your vehicle, the kit also comes with an 8-meter cable. This gives you ample length to connect the camera to the screen on the dashboard, whether you have a large car or a van.

The kit is easy to install and comes with all the necessary accessories. Even if you are not a technical expert, you can easily make it work and enjoy its benefits. It gives you instant feedback on what’s happening behind it and can help you avoid accidents and potential hazards.

With this rearview camera kit, you can feel more confident and comfortable when reversing your car, whether in a busy parking lot or on narrow streets. Let the advanced camera and 5″ display help you navigate safely so you can focus on enjoying your driving experience worry-free.

The package includes:

1 x 5″ monitor with two different feet

1 x rear view camera w/8 meter cord