DLS Scandinavia 165Wi

DLS 6,5″ woofer


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DLS 6,5″ woofer

SKU 7331644824800 Categories , ,

In a more advanced 3—way system the 16cm (6,5”) Scandinavia 165Wi provide the capability to play loud without distortion. If you want to hear both fundaments and details of an attacking snare drum and the real thump from a base guitar, it is essential for you to have a true linear, very fast, long excursion driver that can reproduce music in a live way. The linearity is also key for the fine details in fundamentals of the human voice to achieve the ease of sound DLS is known for.

Several unique features are incorporated in the Scandinavia 165Wi;

The symmetrical magnet structure gives an even magnetic flux density for the voice coil when moving in and out drastically reduces 2nd order harmonic distortion.  To accurately reproduce fast and strong music passages we use a rigid aluminum cone that is suspended in a long excursion SBR surround and a flat linear Conex spider and special venting holes in the cone under the dust cap prevent whizz noise and nonlinear spring effect from the air under the dust cap during high excursions


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