DrArtex Baffle Plus Integra


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Latest developed Baffle Integra serves dual purpose of sound and heat insulation, while slightly heavier than Baffle Plus – it has significantly higher level of sound insulation, at least 6dB higher. High structural stability provides for melting point at 140°C and no moisture absorption. High elasticity of this product makes it very easy to install in even the most complex areas of the car.

1 box of Baffle Plus Integra = 10 sheets 50×27.5 cm each = 1.3 m²

Application areas
Doors, roof, floor, wheel arches

Five-layer structure consists of non-woven fabric, noise insulation heavy membrane layer, flexible foamed resin and synthetic butyl rubber adhesive layer with anti-adhesive paper.

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 54,5 × 30 × 75 cm

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