DrArtex VibroBarrier 7+


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SKU DBV07.2020 Categories ,

This is a 2020 updated version of our VibroBarrier series with an improved appearance and updated heavy layer for higher damping factor.

It is still the best sound insulation material on the market today, providing an incredible 36dB factor! Guaranteed protection against road and tyre noise in any vehicle. This material is durable, does not decay or absorb moisture and is easy to apply.

1 box of VibroBarrier 7+ = 9 sheets 50×27.5 cm each = 1.2 m²

Application areas
Firewall, boot floor and passenger compartment floor

A multi-layered combination of elastic foamed polyethylene, heavy layer membrane based on butyl-rubber mastic and non-woven fabric

Technical Specifications
VibroBarrier 7+ (with glue) PDF

Weight 11,68 kg
Dimensions 79 × 54 × 5 cm

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