GAS MAX S1-10D1/D2

Designed to test the limits. Next level LOUD!


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Designed to test the limits. Next level LOUD!

SKU 900MAXS110D1 Categories , , ,

Congratulations! You are ready to take the next step, to enter a world of NO COMPROMISES with a subwoofer that will take your car to a whole new level. Get out there and impress the non-believers! Show them that true dedication comes from the inside of your trunk and that “good enough” just doesn’t cut it.


A MAX subwoofer is designed to test the limits and match your dedication in performance and style. Made for the hardcore bass heads out there – with a rigid and durable cone made by non-pressed paper with Mica minerals that perfectly balances awesome power, weight and musicality.


The dust cap is made of IMPP for a unique 3D design, an idea we borrowed from the MAD S2 series. But since this is MAX, we took it one step further. With an impressive high roll foam suspension, you get even more awesome cone movement. The dual voice coil wire is made of PCW (Pure Copper Wire) and we’ve introduced a bumped back plate on the 8” and 10” models for some extra mechanical Xmax, which also minimizes the risk of voice coil damage.


The MAX S1 subwoofers will let everyone know that your audio dedication is real. No detail has been overseen, and no compromises have been made. We show our dedication to the craft of bass with dual stacked HQ ferrite magnets to achieve an insane amount of motor in the subwoofer. For extra durability, we’ve also added a Dual Nomex spider to all models, and dual stitching on the 8” and 10” models. This makes sure that the last thing standing will be your sound system. These subwoofer are extreme and over the top, as they should be!


The MAX S1 will show everyone that you have reached the next level, the MAX level. Having a subwoofer perform at this level demands extremely good ventilation. Only the best and beyond is good enough! We solved the cooling in two different ways. The material in the top/back plate is thicker for optimal heat conduction, and the implemented DVS2 (Dual Ventilation System) creates incredible heat dissipation while also reducing distortion.


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