Infinity REFERENCE 3004A

High performance 4 channel car amplifier


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High performance 4 channel car amplifier

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Infinity’s Reference 3004A amplifier will add plenty of muscle to your music without breaking a sweat, and it’ll look good doing it. This 4-channel powerhouse delivers 75 watts RMS to each of the front and rear speakers in your car. Into planning ahead? You could use this amp in 2-channel mode now to drive a couple subwoofers with 200 watts RMS each, then reassign it to your front and rear speakers when you get a bigger sub amp. Speaker-level inputs allow this amplifier to work in almost any system, even if you’re keeping your car’s factory radio. You can use the separate high- and low-pass filters on the front and rear channels to maximize the performance of your speakers or subs.

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Compact size

Infinity Reference amplifiers have been engineered with a compact footprint to fit in more vehicles even if available space is limited.

High and low level input

Speaker-level and low-level inputs allow the Reference 3004A to integrate with both aftermarket and factory car stereo systems.

Variable crossover

Unlike many amplifiers available at similar prices, the Infinity Reference 3004A features variable electronic crossovers circuits allowing for precise system tuning and performance.

Low noise and distortion

The Reference 3004A has been engineered using Balanced Differential Inputs to ensure low noise and distortion even at high output levels. This also makes it far less susceptible to line induced radiated engine noise.

Input Level Control

When low-level inputs are used, this control adjusts the input sensitivity between 200mVrms and 2.0 Vrms. When high-level inputs are used, this control adjusts the input sensitivity between 2Vrms and 20Vrms.

Full on-board protection

On-board circuitry protects the Reference 3004A from shorts, high-temperature, overvoltage and undervoltage. An LED indicator is provided to let you know when one of these conditions exists.

Preamp Outputs

Using multiple amplifiers, the Reference 3004A has full range preamp outputs allowing you to feed an additional amplifier without using splitters.