STEG Master Stroke MSS 3-way component set


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SKU MSS1 MSS3 MSS6 Categories , ,

An amazing 3-way set which outclasses speakers several times its price.

Very efficient midbass speakers with strong neodymium magnets, the 6.6″ MSS6 have an easy to install compact construction, cast aluminum baskets. Carbon-fibre cone with natural rubber surround. Dual type terminals. Leads sewn in the spiders, of course. Polished magnet covers. It’s a shame the back of the speakers won’t be visible once installed properly…

A state-of-the-art mids which are effectively widebands able to play cleanly above 16-17kHz while packing a punch below 200Hz and able to even play below 100Hz at normal listening levels (not that we recommend it, but it’s possible for SQ competition use). An absolute star in the STEG lineup the 4″ MSS3 is a fantastic midrange which isn’t out of place even in the top tier competition cars. Cast aluminum constructiuon, integrated hex-mesh grilles, neodymium magnets, tapered construction for easy 45 degree installs with minimum space required, very open rear design for easy breathing. Carbon fibre cone.

Right at home next to the MSS6 and MSS3 the MSS1 Graphene tweeters stand out with amazing detail, complimenting the MSS3 perfectly and able to even work in 2-way configuration with the MSS6 alone. Premium construction out of machined aluminum and sporting 2 included grilles/caps – a hex mesh compact one for push-style installation and a wide open type with 4 mounting screw holes for bolt-in installation. Screw terminals. An absolute top-end gem!

At this level passive systems are a no-go, so no passive crossover networks are included. This set is for active use only. At this day and age we don’t recommend any speaker set for passive use, much less such a high-end masterpiece!


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